Electrical Engineering Student


Born and raised in Whakatane, Alec Lilley has always had a passion for engineering. Fortunate enough to share space within his father’s home workshop, Alec grew up learning practical workshop skills. Currently studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Auckland, he hopes to build a lifelong career within the Electricity Supply industry. Alec’s spare time consists of tinkering with electronics, amateur radio, and working on his Mazda MX5.

 Amateur Radio Operator

Ever since he was introduced to a crystal radio, Alec has had a curiosity for radio systems. In 2013 he became a licensed amateur radio operator with the callsign ZL1HAZ.

Automotive Enthusiast

Alec owns a 1991 Mazda MX5 which he purchased when he was in high school. A significant amount of repairs has been conducted by Alec, and now enjoys tinkering with his car. He has modified the electrical and cooling systems with a number of reliability upgrades.

Bitcoin Holder

Alec has been a part of the bitcoin scene since the beginning of 2012. He is interested in bitcoin because of the technical aspects and the social challenges bitcoin presents. Alec continues to run his bitcoin mining systems as a challenging hobby.

Electrical Engineering

Alec is currently studying Electrical & Electronic Engineering at the University of Auckland. He decided to study this discipline because of his strong connection with everything electrical growing up. His areas of focus are radio systems, power systems, and power electronics.